About me

Thu, 3 Jun 2010 (no tags)

This is my site. I live in Waterford. I like to do some nice things with technology, experimenting with everything and pushing boundaries. I like networking and a whole spectrum of IT related technologies. I have written my own TCP/IP implementation in C and ASM just because I wanted to. Love learning new languages and technologies like Python, Node.js, EmberJS, AngularJS and dozens of others. I even enjoy writing the unit tests for my projects which sometimes makes me wonder if something is not wrong with me :). I do spend my free time with embedded hobby as well (pushing boundaries what can be achieved in home conditions). And I like photography, especially the process of making a photo. So I spend time with custom scripts and custom camera firmware, together with servo motors I can automate some photo related tasks. Speaking of automation, I have strong desire to automate everything I get in contact with (which sometimes ends up spending hours writing software to shave off few minutes from some common tasks). I have unhealthy obsession with Debian GNU/Linux and some technologies like WebSockets. Right now I'm just nitpicking a few random examples of projects I have done, but I could continue for hours...

Oh and I build drones as well. Why? Because I can?
If you want to know more feel free to contact me, or have a look in the blog section, or visit my LinkedIn / gitHub.

If you want to send me some encrypted messages, then here is my PGP public key.