• FredyShaper

    Verbose boot of my operating system.
  • Quadrocopters

    DIY builds using off the shelf parts and using my own firmware.
  • Remote car starter

    Second generation prototype of my remote starter.
  • Temperature monitoring for Phoenix a.s.

    This is the first generation made for Phoenix a.s. using 3th party industrial thermometers.
  • First quadrocopter build

    In frame wiring looks cleaner, but takes more maintenance.
  • uControllers

    Not so small order from hobbyist viewpoint view.
  • TCP/IP dev board

    SMT version of my TCP/IP prototype board focused for development of my own TCP/IP stack implementation.

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Reprogramming Turning 9x transmitter with custom firmware

I was unhappy with limited options of my transmitter so I decided to re-flash it, for that I needed to "tap" ISP header to the pins of the MCU. So I opened the transmitter:

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