• uControllers

    Not so small order from hobbyist viewpoint view.
  • FredyShaper

    Verbose boot of my operating system.
  • Remote car starter

    Second generation prototype of my remote starter.
  • TCP/IP dev board

    SMT version of my TCP/IP prototype board focused for development of my own TCP/IP stack implementation.
  • Temperature monitoring for Phoenix a.s.

    This is the first generation made for Phoenix a.s. using 3th party industrial thermometers.
  • First quadrocopter build

    In frame wiring looks cleaner, but takes more maintenance.
  • Quadrocopters

    DIY builds using off the shelf parts and using my own firmware.

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VMware IO causing high cpu usage

At one point I had to move some VMs to a NTFS partition and forgot that the ntfs driver can cause overhead. For regular use it's not noticeable as much, but for high IO it can create high CPU load.

The mount.ntfs was creating lot of …read the rest »